Panoramic images always intrigue us all and if one can take 360 degree high quality panoramas then it would be perfect icing on the cake. Ricoh has developed an Omnidirectional camera that takes 360 degree photo in one shot owing to its two fish eye lenses each covering 180 degree of the view. Buy Sneakers | Nike Air Max Taking a leap from conventional DSLR and compact cameras; this camera combines the two images and send it over to your smartphone, tablet or other gadgets via WiFi for a view that is unparalleled. You can look in any direction of the image just as if you were looking in the real world situation and when zoomed out completely it looks like a 3 dimensional sphere.

The whole idea behind the development of such a camera was to make shooting high resolution panoramic images a quick job and fun to play with of course. Developers are looking to further fine tune the features of the camera and add video shooting capabilities too. Now that would be really interesting, as one would be able to look at 360 degree view in motion as it happens. Additionally Ricoh wants to add functionalities like printing out the 360 degree view onto a real sphere, perhaps as a souvenir for your loved ones as they have a look at beautiful places in a manner they never imagined could be possible.

The technology of this camera is constantly evolving and Ricoh haven’t revealed any technical specifications as yet but as soon as they are ready to present it commercially we’ll have all the details. Till then enjoy the video transcript below to see what the Ricoh Omnidirectional camera 360 degree photo shooter has in stall for us in the near future.