Welcome to the NO GLITCH price list – the most effective computer service provider in the North East.

We have more than 10 years experience resolving computer, laptop and network glitches. Here is a list of prices for the most common problems our customers have experienced. If your computer glitch is not listed, please contact us for a free quote.

% of our customers
The problem was
Health checks/clean ups
£35 - £55
/depending how bad it is/
Virus/ Spyware removal
£30 - £50
/if there are more than 20 viruses an OS reinstall is recommended/
OS /Windows, Mac or Linux/ reinstall/recovery - incl. data restore
£55 for Windows
£65 for Mac
£65+ for Linux /depending on distribution/
Network problems/ security problems
Starts from £30
Bad/faulty hard disk drives
Starts from £65 /price includes hard drive, data transfer and labour.
Faulty motherboards or other major components
Starts from £30 /depending on the component required/
Cracked laptop screens
Starts from £80 /depending on make and model/
Graphic adapter/ card problems/ upgrades
Starts from £35
Other uncommon and hard to establish problems
Hard to predicts, but it is generally around £40

* All prices are rough estimate. We do not charge collection and delivery!

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